Glengormley High School recognises the importance of providing a wide variety of sporting opportunities for young people of all abilities, interest level and talent, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle.  We aim to create an atmosphere within PE and Sport which allows all pupils to develop physically, mentally and socially. Students are provided with a variety of opportunities to successfully represent our school in both individual and team competitions, at local, regional and international levels. They are encouraged to develop a sense of loyalty and commitment to others and are given opportunities to develop leadership and organisational skills.

All pupils from Years 8 – 12 take part in regular PE lessons covering a wide variety of sport and health related activities. At Key Stage 4, pupils are offered the opportunity to study the OCR Level 1 / 2 National in Sport as well as the CCEA Occupational Studies units for Sports Leadership and Event Organisation. At post-16 students may study for the OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in Sport, or the Technical Diploma (Double Award) in Sport.



Key Stage 3 and 4

In Years 8, 9 and 10 students follow a broad and enjoyable programme which includes Football, Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Basketball, Athletics, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Cheerleading, Badminton, Table tennis, Volleyball, Dance, Cross country and Health related exercise. Many of these activities are also offered as an after school club and where possible, our students are encouraged to join local sports clubs who can provide even more opportunities for competition. Whilst in KS3 students are expected to participate in all activities, students in Year 11 and 12 are given more choice. Health related fitness is an important element and all students in KS4 have the opportunity to use our state of the art Fitness Suite both during and after school.



Key Stage 4 Physical Education & Sport Courses

Because of the broad and challenging PE and sport programme provided at KS3, each year between 35 and 50 students in Year 11 choose to study for the OCR Level 1 / 2 National in Sports Studies.  Three units focus on developing sports skill, sports leadership and contemporary issues, whilst a fourth unit introduces students to outdoor pursuits including Orienteering and Rock climbing. Other sports activities such as Taekwondo, Cheerleading, Yoga, Jiu-Jutsu and Boxing are offered through our evening programme or through local clubs.




Every year a number of students study for the CCEA Occupational Studies Sport course. This vocational course encourages participants to develop the ability to organise, lead, work with others, and coach through 2 units; Leadership in Sport and Organising a Leisure Event.



Key Stage 5 – Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma

The Technical Introductory Diploma in Sport is a 2 year course which is totally assessed through school based coursework which is then externally moderated.  Areas of study may include Sports Coaching, Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Injuries, Nutrition in Sport, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities, Organising Sports Events, Fitness Training and Programming, Practical Individual Sports, Practical Team Sports, Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise, Leadership in Sport and Organising Sports Events.


Since our first students completed this highly vocational course in 2008 the PE & Sport Department has consistently produced excellent results which normally equate to 100% A*-C. This success would suggest that this course can offer tremendous rewards for highly motivated students who are keen to succeed.


Moving Forward

Every year a number of our students leave Glengormley High School to pursue a career in sport.  Such jobs include coaching, sport development, teaching or working in business. If our students complete A-levels they may gain access to University courses, which include Sports Studies at the University of Ulster (UUJ) or Stranmillis (QUB).  Equally, those students who do not wish to follow a sport related course can utilise the UCAS points to achieve entry to university courses more closely related to their other A-Level subjects.


The following teachers are part of the PE & Sport department:


Mr N Officer – Head of Department

Mr J McDowell – Head of Year

Mr N Seffen – Head of Year

Mrs A Jackson – Assistant Vice-Principal

Mrs L Kerr – SENCo (Learning Support Co-ordinator)

Miss D McLaughlin