Lunchtime in Year 8

 “When you are in Year 8 at GHS, not only do you have your own dedicated canteen, but you get to go to lunch 10 minutes before everyone else! That has been amazing. At first I was worried about where I would sit at lunch, what the food would be like and whether I would have enough time to eat my lunch etc. But having longer from lunch, having our own canteen and great choices of food has meant that I needn’t have worried. As well as our own canteen we have our own playground. We have basketball nets, goal posts and a selection of equipment like rugby balls, footballs, basketballs, skipping ropes etc. As soon as I finish my lunch I go out to play with my friends in the playground. It’s so much fun! I play football every day and its really helped me to meet new people and to feel more confident. There are places to sit and eat outside in the playground too, so if it’s a sunny day you can eat outside. The teachers on duty are so nice. The sixth form pupils help out at lunchtime too, and they have a ‘safe space’ so if you are feeling lonely you can go inside and play games and talk to people. I love lunchtime in GHS, it’s when I get to let loose, unwind and play with my friends.”

– Kieran Higginson – Year 8