Pupil Wellbeing

Pupil Wellbeing

At school we follow the Take 5 steps approach to wellbeing and supporting the mental health of our pupils.


Most of us know when we are mentally and physically well, but sometimes we need a little extra support to keep well.

There are five simple steps to help maintain and improve your wellbeing. We try to build these into our daily life at school – think of them as your ‘five a day’ for wellbeing.

In June 2024 we were delighted to have received our Level 2 Take 5 award in recognition of the commitment that we at ICG have invested in supporting our school community with emotional wellbeing. We look forward to the new academic year to continue to embed lots of opportunities to put the Take 5 approach into practice and work towards our Level 3 award. 

Click below to access our Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing Guide