Pastoral Care

At Integrated College Glengormley we foster a warm, friendly and supportive environment for all our pupils.  Positive relationships between pupils and staff is paramount and we prioritize building mutual respect and understanding.

Each pupil is led by a caring Form Tutor who registers them in the morning and again in the afternoon.  The Form Tutor cares for the pupil’s pastoral needs and is the first point of contact between home and school.  Form Tutors are supported in their role by a Head of Year and a Senior Leader.  The work of the Form Tutor is supplemented by a programme of study in Personal Development, Citizenship and Employability.

At Integrated College Glengormley we care about every pupil as an individual.  We work closely with external support services to ensure that every child gets the support they need.  All our staff are trained in Trauma Informed and Restorative Practices and these underpin our approach to behavior management.  The school has been awarded status as a Pivotal Behaviour School, which means that we have been recognized for our positive approaches to managing behavior.  Our school rules are very simple and are known as the ‘Glengormley Way’ – Be Safe, Be Ready and Be Respectful.

We place a high value on rewarding and promoting positive behavior.  We are the only school that has dedicated staff development time on a Friday to recognise and reward students by:

  • Making positive phone calls
  • Sending positive texts / emails / letters
  • Sending postcards / positive notes
  • Logging positive behavior points
  • Planning / organising class / individual rewards

We are not just a school.  We are a family and we take pride in each and every one of our students.

Meet the Team


The Heads of Year are also responsible for pastoral care in their respective Year.

Miss Welshman

Acting Head of Year 8 | Subject: Geography
“I’m responsible for helping pupils transition from primary to post-primary education. I aim to look after the whole well-being of each child, encouraging self-respect, celebrating achievement and working with them to attain their full potential. Along with the Form Tutor team, I’ll be there to help each pupil with all aspects of school life and aim to develop positive and inclusive relationships both with them and their parents/guardians.”

Mrs Hodge

Head of Year 10 | Subject: Science
“I’ve been teaching at Glengormley High school for 32 years and being a Head of Year has been one of the most rewarding yet challenging roles of my career.
At the heart of my role is building positive relationships with students, staff and parents, which allows me to provide guidance, set my vision and provide challenge. It’s a privileged position, I know, and being consistent is key to driving improvements. As I always say: keep moving forward, be ready to adapt and keep relationships at the heart of your work.”

Mr Seffen

Head of Year 12 | Subject: P.E.
“I’ve fulfilled the Head of Year role since 2009 and throughout this time it’s been my responsibility to ensure that my year group feel supported and encouraged to achieve their potential in all aspects of school life – and that they’re fully prepared for life beyond school. I have high expectations of conduct, behaviour and achievement, which is developed through supportive and positive relationships with parents, carers, pupils and teachers.”

Mr Gault

Acting Head of Year 9 | Subject: Science
“I want every pupil in my year to feel welcome and safe at Glengormley High School – and hopefully have fun as well while they’re here. I also encourage all pupils to join together as a community and support each other on their educational journey. I’m proud to be part of Glengormley High and want our pupils to feel that pride as well.”

Mrs Sames

Head of Year 11 | Subject: Science
“I’ve been a Pastoral Leader at the school for over 10 years and I love the challenges and rewards that each day brings. A child can only fully achieve when they feel supported and valued in their environment. My role is to ensure that this happens. I have high expectations of pupils regarding behaviour, respect towards others and their academic achievement. I say that if pupils believe that they can succeed, then they absolutely will. Key to that is building confidence of the whole pupil to ensure that they achieve in all areas of life.”

Mr McDowell

Head of Year 13-14 | Subject: P.E. & Timetable
“I support our Sixth Form pupils to experience a positive, safe and valued experience during their two final years in school education. I strive to inspire our young people to reach their full potential and develop themselves as young adult learners and leaders. Preparing our Sixth Form for the next stage in their personal journey and assisting them to take the right steps is fundamental to my role.”