Insights from Year 8


“I have settled into ICG very well. At first I got lost but it didn’t take long to know my way around the school. I love all the teachers and I have made loads of new friends. If you come to this school you will be looked after very well and you will love it!”

Kadi Logue, King’s Park PS

“I love ICG. My favourite subjects are Art, Maths and P.E. and the teachers are really nice. I have made lots of new friends. I have really enjoyed high school and I like getting to move around the school instead of staying in the one classroom. It’s really great.”

Carson Black, Ashgrove PS

“Integrated College Glengormley  is a brilliant place with loads of subjects and cool teachers. You can easily make friends and the subject periods are 55 minutes long. Primary School was easier, but in ICG we get out earlier on Monday and Friday and we also have more fun by creating experiments, like lighting a Bunsen burner in Science.”

Kuba Ochojski, Carnmoney PS
“Glengormley has been the best school ever. You must join. The teachers are kind and subjects are fun. The subject I love best is Art and Design because it makes me feel creative. Other subjects are fun too but this high school is so GREAT!”

Praises of God John, Ashgrove PS

“A Primary 7 should come to ICG because it is such an amazing school. I am so glad I chose this school because as soon as I walked through the gates I made friends straight away. The subjects are not only good but they are fun as well. The teachers are really kind and make ICG so much better. I really recommend joining ICG.”

Katie McGookin, Glengormley Integrated

“ICG is such a good school and all the teachers are really nice. There are many really interesting subjects to do like Science, Maths, Music, ICT, HE and RE. You should definitely come try this because you will love it.”

Kolby Lennox, Ballyhenry Primary School

“I love ICG because you get to experience more subjects and all the teachers are kind. You make so many friends and when you need to speak to someone the teachers are around to speak to. You can do a lot of different sports. I love ICG, it’s so much better than Primary School!”

Yassine Fisher, Earlview PS

“ICG is a really good school and all the teacher are really nice. Covid-19 means we cannot go to any afterschool clubs but there are lots of clubs and I can’t wait to start. We started in bubbles and now have started practical classes. My favourite subjects are Science, TD, English and HE. The best thing about starting a new school is that you make new friends. “

Mia McCarey, Whitehouse PS

“I love Integrated College Glengormley because you get to go to practical classes. Before I came to this school I was very shy and didn’t really like talking upfront at school. ICG has changed me. All my teachers now say I talk too much! You should come to ICG.”

Faye Mahwinney, Earlview PS

“ICG is an amazing School. You get to move around the school instead of staying in the same classroom. The teachers are so nice. You get the right amount of homework so you can relax more. You will make friends easily. I promise.”

Summer Maxwell – Mossley Primary School