Insights from Year 8

When I started Integrated College Glengormley, I was scared and didn’t know anyone.  After a couple of days I felt safe and happy because of all of the friends I made.  ICG made me feel extremely welcome because of the amazing pupils and supportive staff.  My favourite subjects are Biology, English and PE.  ICG offers many different clubs and I would recommend this school for everyone.

Weronika Lata, St Joseph’s Primary School

When I first came to ICG, I was really nervous, but I soon got settled in and quickly made good friends.  The teachers are very nice and ICG has lots of after-school activities such as cookery club and hockey.  I would definitely recommend ICG to all P7 pupils.

Yara Moustafa, Mallusk Integrated Primary School

I was a bit nervous on my first day but I got to know where everything was quickly.  I made friends easily and all of the teachers are very nice.  My favourite subject is ICT because I love using computers.  ICG is a school that is appropriate for pupils of any religion.

Jay Stephens, Cavehill Primary School

My time in ICG so far has been good.  At first I felt anxious yet I feel much happier now I have made a couple of friends.

Carter Mitchell, Glenwood Primary School

When I came to ICG I felt really nervous.  My form tutor was really welcoming and I have learnt that moving around the school is a lot easier than I thought.  My favourite subject is HE as I love to bake and cook.  I also attend the after school cookery club and it is lots of fun.

Isaac Bryant, Ashgrove Primary School

When I started ICG I was nervous and thought it would be difficult but it’s actually the opposite.  The staff are really nice as well as the pupils.  Since my move here, I have made plenty of friends.  I have always been a big fan of History and I am really enjoying English also.  ICG will give any new pupils great opportunities and I think it would be good for you.

Jack Morrow, Earlview Primary School

When I came to ICG I felt scared about moving around the school but after a few days this became easier, compared to the first day.  I have settled in well and I have met loads of friends and have joined a range of clubs like football, rugby, science shack and the choir.  I feel really welcome here.

Kaitlin May, Kings Park Primary School

When I first came to ICG, I was actually very excited about the change, but I was also feeling nervous.  I was worried that I wouldn’t find my way around the school, but I soon learnt where to go.  ICG has something for everyone – there are lots of clubs to choose from.  I go to athletics, hockey and netball after school.  My favourite subjects are Art, English and Spanish. I have made lots of new friends and all of the teachers are so kind and welcoming.  To all of the P7s, I know that you will love the school as much as I do.

Lilia Cromie, Ballyhenry Primary School

I was nervous for the first day, I got lost a couple of times, but after a week I knew my way around the school.  My favourite subject is PE.  I love PE because I am very sporty, my favourite sports are badminton, football and rugby.  I have joined the school football team.

Jake Tyndall, Carnmoney Primary School

When it was my first day of school, I was really nervous and I thought that I would get lost, but I was wrong. The teachers are really welcoming and it turned out that it was really easy to find classes.  My favourite subjects are Art, Music and Technology and Design.  Lastly, there are lots of fun clubs to join at lunch time and after school. 

Anamaria Petricia, Seaview Primary School

When I was coming to ICG, I felt nervous about seeing different teachers and a lot of different people, but it was okay. The teachers and pupils are really nice. If you are worried about making friends, you could try to do some clubs. For example, I thought I would not have as many friends as I had at my old school, but joining lunchtime and afterschool clubs helped. There are a lot of clubs to choose from. I attend the culture and diversity after school club and the nail art club at lunchtime. This has really boosted my social awareness and made me feel like a valuable member of our school.

Deborah Olude, Lowwood Primary School

I was excited on my first day.  I settled very quickly and have an amazing Form Tutor.  My favourite subject is PE as I am very sporty.  Every Tuesday, I attend rugby club after school and we have a match every month. 

Charlie McGuigan  St Mary’s on the Hill Primary School

I was scared and stressed on my first day of school.  However, I gained confidence as I made a good group of friends really quickly. I like Geography, Science and Art.  My teachers are all very supportive and willing to help me if I have any questions.

Bianka Olender, Nettlefield Primary School

I really like this school.  When I first came here, I thought I wasn’t going to make friends but it has been the opposite.  My favourite subjects are Art, PE and HE.  The Year 8 and 9 pupils have a ginormous playground.


Kyle Kirkham, Whitehouse Primary School

When I first came to ICG I was feeling nervous and scared of getting lost.  I very quickly made friends with people and my favourite subject is PE because it is just like PE in primary school but more competitive.

Lewis Tovey, Mossgrove Primary School

On my first day I was scared that I wouldn’t have any friends but I opened up to people and now I have so many friends.  I  used to hate making things, but HE and Technology and Design have helped me find new passions. I think this school is special and I love it here.  

Alex Kerr, Abbots Cross Primary School

When I first came to ICG, I was a little nervous but also very excited.  The first day following my timetable felt weird as I went to different classes.  After a week it was great because I had so many friends and I knew my way around.  I go to gaelic and hockey clubs after school and I would like to join the school band.  My favourite subject is Technology and Design because I love building and designing projects and completing the design homeworks.  I love ICG and can’t wait to see where it will take me.

Isaac Woodward, Mossley Primary School

When I first joined, I met my Form Tutor who is really nice.  I got lost on the first couple of days but it does get easier.  The teachers are really kind and the school is very good.

Ruby Graham, Glengormley Integrated Primary School

When I first came to ICG I was really nervous but my Form Tutor really helped me to settle and I made lots of friends.

Shian Mustafa, Holy Rosary Primary School

I really enjoy the practical lessons such as Art, ICT, Science, Music, Technology and Design.  I really felt nervous when I first started in ICG but I have really settled into big school.

Kiera Moore, Hollybank Primary School

When I first started I felt so excited and I really wanted see how the school looked inside.  I enjoy practical subjects in ICG such as Home Economics and conducting experiments in Science.  My favourite things about ICG are my friends and my teachers.

Maksymilian Plinski, Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School

On my first day, I felt nervous because I didn’t know anyone but I quickly made good friends.  I really enjoy PE because I am a very active person.  The teachers in ICT are very kind.

Zach McCord, Pond Park Primary School

I was scared on my first day at ICG because I thought I wasn’t going to make friends, but I have made a lot.  My favourite subject is Technology and Design because I like the teachers and the work I do.  For anyone coming to ICG, I would say don’t be scared about not making friends, as there will always be someone looking out for you.

Louella McAleese, Parkhall Primary School

On my first day I was really nervous.  I settled really quickly as I have a lovely Form Tutor who answered lots of my questions.  I play for the ICG football team and train once a week.  I love Geography and History.  My teachers are very welcoming and encouraging.  

Finn Trainor, Hazelwood Integrated Primary School

My experience here at ICG has been extraordinary.  I was a little nervous to begin with but once I started in this school my nerves disappeared.  I don’t think I could be happier.

Amber Adams, Carr’s Glenn Primary School