Head Prefect Team Advice

My first day in Year 8 was relatively smooth, aside from getting lost from time to time and trying to remember the teachers’ names.  At the time I didn’t know anybody, however the teachers were really supportive which eased any notion of the nervousness I felt. I formed many long lasting friendships in Year 8 and loved being with my friends during break and lunch time in the playground. I remember being surprised at the large scale of the school site with huge outdoor areas.  I really enjoyed the wide range of extra-curricular activities compared to my primary school.  As the years have progressed, I  received several achievements including being a part of the school rugby team, becoming a Junior Prefect and going on to become a Senior Prefect and most recently a Head Prefect.  I enjoy being part of the wider life of the school as a Student Mentor, helping to run the tuck shop and fundraising for our School.   I am delighted with the qualifications I have achieved and hope to continue to work conscientiously with the support of my teachers to either continue to study or begin full-time employment.  I look forward to the future opportunities which await me when I leave ICG.

Craig McCrea 

Many years ago, I was extremely nervous about moving into ‘big school’, just like every other Year 8 pupil.  During my very first day, the teachers made me feel so comfortable and I became very excited about the days ahead. Choosing this school was the best decision for me as I have been able to perform to the best of my ability and achieve excellent grades due to the support and help of the staff.  The teachers are so encouraging and have worked hard to help me achieve my best in every subject. Attending Integrated College Glengormley has allowed me to grow as a person and has enabled me to meet new people who are now my closest friends (and have been since Year 8).   My experience in this school has made me more confident in myself and I have been motivated to take on new challenges, even when they have been outside of my comfort zone including achieving the Duke of Edinburgh Award.  I have had the opportunity to grow over the past 7 years and I am very proud to have been successful in my appointment as Head Prefect. This role has involved delivering assemblies for the junior school pupils, organising and running a tuck shop as part of a team and planning school events such as Open Evening.  Upon completion of my A Levels, I am hoping to go to university to study Art and pursue a career within the creative industries. The school has always encouraged me to be proud of my Art and the Art department has always inspired me to use my creativity which has helped me to love the subject even more.

Kacey Greer

Throughout my time at the school, I have watched the school  improve and grow.  A lot of this improvement began when Mr Massey became our Principal.   I have studied a wide range of subjects that have helped me realise what I want to do in the future.  I have worked hard and have been encouraged to achieve my best in my GCSEs and more recently my AS levels.   I am very proud to have gained the opportunity to become Head Prefect.  Throughout the past 7 years, I have grown and developed as a person.  School has allowed me to develop valuable life skills such as teamwork, effective communication and time management, all of  which will be invaluable for the next stage in my journey – studying sports studies at university.    Without the great staff in this school taking the time to help and encourage me, I would not have been able to achieve or grow as much as I have.

Owen Smith