Head Prefect Team Advice

Molly McCrum 

In July 2017, coming to terms with getting ready to start ‘big school’ was an uneasy thought. I knew that this transition would be thrilling and exciting, but I could not calm the scary feelings about meeting other pupils, interacting with different teachers and finding my way around a larger school. However, the school immediately provided support to me on the first day of my attendance. The teachers always helped in answering any questions I had, whether they were considered silly or not, directing me if I was lost and talking me through any problems I encountered. Throughout these past seven years, I was able to work to achieve the best grades of my ability as a result of the support and encouragement from all of my teachers.  The teachers always go out of their way to ensure that lessons are understandable as well as challenging me to achieve the best that I can. My time at Glengormley High School and Integrated College Glengormley has provided opportunities for me to grow as a person through exposure to a range of activities and it has undoubtedly helped me form solid friendships that have been maintained since Year 8, all of which fuelled my desire to apply for the Head Prefect role and I feel honoured in my appointment of this prestigious leadership role. As a Head Prefect I have gained the opportunity to apply my learning and experiences in many ways within school, as well as push me to hone my skills and qualities within the school environment, which will aid me in the next stage of my life. As a Head Prefect I have attended staff meetings, organised activities for the students, led improvement within the school environment and most importantly, interacted with pupils within Key Stage 3 and 4.  Upon completion of my A- Levels, I hope to attend university with the hope of pursuing a career within the medical field. Through the ongoing support and encouragement of my teachers, I can confidently say that I am brave enough to take that leap to pursue my dream. I would not have been able to learn, grow or improve as much as I have without attending this school, and I will leave with wonderful memories of Integrated College Glengormley.

Katie Hagan

Thinking back to when I joined this school, I remember being so scared of the new challenges and the new environment I found myself in. When I first walked into school in Year 8 I was nervous of the unknown, but now when I walk into school, I feel safe and comfortable no matter my religion or cultural background. In my opinion, integration was the best step this school could have taken and will help prepare pupils in our school for the diversity in their communities and future places of work.  ICG has offered me so many opportunities including obtaining my Duke of Edinburgh Award and becoming an Anti-bullying Ambassador. Through the school I have taken part in the Queens University Junior Academy and the Queens University Pathway Programme, both of which have equipped me for university life and have inspired me to work with determination hard to earn a place at Queens University.  Within ICG I have gained the opportunity to speak publicly and to even compete in a Soroptimist speaking competition.  Through the Rotary Club, I participated in a leadership competition which inspired me to use my voice and increase my confidence and independence.  The staff within ICG have encouraged and supported me in every step of the way of my academic journey. Throughout my years in ICG, I have been a member of the school hockey and school netball teams and through these team sports, I have gained so many friends and memories. During my GCSE’s and AS levels, the teaching staff provided me with many revision and study opportunities beyond my timetabled classes, which I am so thankful for as I passed my exams with flying colours! My recent appointment to Head Prefect makes me extremely proud, and I am excited about the possible opportunities for the rest of the academic year. I am so happy I chose this school as it has helped shape who I am today – a stronger, more determined, inclusive young person, in comparison to the nervous Year 8 pupil I started out as.