Learning Support Numeracy

Numeracy is the ability to apply appropriate mathematical skills and knowledge in familiar and unfamiliar contexts and in a range of settings throughout, including the workplace. At Integrated College Glengormley a central purpose of our school, supported by parents is to ensure that pupils develop the necessary numeracy skills to succeed at school and later on, in life and at work.

Tips for supporting your Child’s numeracy development

1. Look for Maths in everyday life. Pupils can’t always recognise the importance or relevance of Maths and by using Numeracy skills this can help them make positive connections. Activities such as planning shopping budgets, cooking with measurements or working with time can all have a positive impact!

2. Talk to your child about their Maths work. In describing their homework this can help develop their undertstanding of maths-related topics. By taking an interest this can help Parents gain an insight into their child’s understanding of different concepts. Communication is a key tool.

3. Be positive about Maths! Maths and numeracy is all about problem solving and taking on challenges, learning about shapes, measuring, sorting and so much more. Having a positive can-do attitude can help reinforce that Maths is a valuable and fun learning area.

4. Alongside being positive make sure that you take time to praise your child’s efforts. Not all concepts come quickly to pupils and they require perseverence and resilience to get to the solution. Recognise the hard work that goes into solving problems and place a big emphasis on Praise.

How to guides in Maths and Numeracy

In supporting your child’s numeracy development it can be really helpful to find some helpful support to assist you. Check out the posters below which cover many key topics at Keystage 3.

Negative Numbers
Ratio (Numbers)
Bar Charts
Pie Charts
Ratio (Shape, Space and Measures)

For more tips and guidance on helping support your child’s Numeracy check out microsite at the link below.

For more information on the subject or any general enquiries please click the button to contact the Numeracy Co-ordinator, Mr Guiney.