Year 8 Izak9 competition

On Friday 15th February tensions were high in Maths, Year 8 students were involved in an Izak9 cube competition.   The winning group was Jessica, Caroline, Megan and Zara. Well done girls! [soliloquy id=”7680″]

Year 8 & 9 Christmas Mathemagicians

The following pupils were the top achievers in Maths in years 8 & 9 in the Christmas Exams. They achieved fantastic results! Year 8: Alex, Jessica, Ben. Year 9: Sarah-Jane, Quade, Jay, Jamie.

Elf Bungee Jumps

On Thursday some of Santa’s Elves were involved in a bungee jump project with our Year 8 Maths students. The pupils worked in groups to collect data and then they used their tables and graphs to calculate how the elves could safely make a bigger bungee jump. No...

Year 10 Explore Circle Theory

Mrs McDermott’s class investigated the relationship between the circumference and diameter of circles. They measured the circumference and found if they divided it by the diameter the answer was always around 3. A few pupils managed to get 3.14 – the exact value...

Year 8 using Izak 9 in Maths

Recently our Year 8 pupils have been using the Izak 9 cube system to carry out investigations in Maths. The cubes have been helping them explore numbers. [soliloquy id=”6222″]