Through Learning for Life and Work, the pupils of Glengormley High School have been taking part in UK Parliament Week. We held a mock Parliament based on the Representation of the People Act to mark the centenary of women gaining the right to vote. This was a heated debate chaired by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Carberry of Essex. The Bill was introduced by Prime Minister Sam Hickland. He was supported by fellow MP’s: Charlie Clyde, Cory Boyland, Kyle Paffey and Bailey Weir. The Bill was scrutinised by the Right honourable Matthew Morton and he was supported by fellow opponents: Camrin Close, Riley Lucas, Lewis Purdy and Owen Smyth. Throughout the debate the police had to hold back our suffragettes with many breaking through the police cordon determined to upset any speech by opponents of women getting the right to vote. It was a great way to get our pupils engaged in politics, to explore topics and remind them that through exercising their vote that they can be empowered. It was great to have local representatives Paula Bradley (DUP) and Mark Cosgrove (UUP) join us for the event and they both gave a speech on their role and the importance of voting.