Examination Results

At Integrated College Glengormley, our focus is always upon the wellbeing of each of our pupils. If pupils don’t feel safe, secure and valued when in school, then learning is negatively impacted. Aside to this, we are also very aware that our pupils are entering into a highly competitive market for university places and jobs. It is therefore important for us to help get them the grades needed to progress in their next stage in life.

The quality of our education can be evidenced through our GCSE examination data. Each year, when pupils in Year 12 complete their GCSE qualifications, the Department of Education publishes performance data for all schools.

Results from August 2023
Year 12 GCSE
  • 5 A*-C – 99%
  • 5 A*-C including English and Maths – 68%
  • 7 A*-C including English and Maths – 68%
  • A*-C in English 79%
  • A*-C in Maths 73%
Year 14 A-Level
  • 2 or more A*-C – 81%
  • 3 A*-E -97%


We are proud of our GCSE performances and since August 2018, our performance at GCSE level has increased significantly year by year.