Joey Dunlop with trademark yellow helmet

Dunlop house is named after Joey Dunlop road racing legend, who tragically died in a motor cycle accident in 2000.  Many have acclaimed him as the greatest at what he did.

Joey was known as a humble man who always did things with the absolute minimum of fuss.  He was the perfect combination of iconic stature and shy, unassuming persona, this is probably the reason for his enduring popularity.

Joey was most comfortable surrounded by his friends and family and was seen as a ‘true down to earth guy’: these qualities undoubtedly endeared him to his legions of fans.  Throughout the Troubles he remained apolitical and attracted support from both Protestants and Catholics.  Did you know that he was famously superstitious and always wore a red t-shirt and yellow helmet? True Fact!

Dunlop’s racing triumphs, including five consecutive Formula 1 championships, 26 Isle of Man TTs, 13 North West 200s and 24 Ulster Grand Prix, are all well documented.  Less well known is his charity work.  He would regularly load up his van with food and clothing and drive across Europe to deliver parcels to the orphans of Romania, Bosnia and Albania. True to form this was done without any fanfare.

Joey’s visits always raised morale amongst staff and children.  Joey raised these supplies himself; he personally delivered them to their destination, without translators and often sleeping alone in sub-zero conditions in his van. His close friends believed he felt a real calling to help others.  Joey was awarded an OBE for this humanitarian work in 1996 and he described it as the ‘proudest moment’ of his life.  His charity work continues today through the Joey Dunlop Foundation, which receives donations from all over the world to continue the work he started.

The risk of serious injury or death was a constant companion of the road racer, such is the perilous nature of the sport, however Joey’s death was still a huge shock.  Joey was killed while leading a 125cc race in Estonia on 2nd July 2000.  He had spent his last night on earth sleeping across the front seats of his van instead of taking up the hotel suite which had been laid on for him.

House Colours and Logo

Our House colour is red and all Dunlop pupils wear a tie with a red stripe. Our house logo is shown below:


Joey Dunlop – the man with the common touch that became a sporting icon. He lived a life where all the people he met, regardless of class or creed, were special to him as a human being.  He was a person who sought to promote human welfare.  When asked what he would want his legacy to be Joey once said

I never really wanted to be a superstar.  I just wanted to be myself.  I hope people remember me in that way.

As members of Dunlop House we are;