Dr George Edelstyn

Edelstyn house is named after George Edelstyn, a pioneer in the research and treatment of Cancer.

Like all who leave their mark, George Edelstyn was a man of enormous energy and drive.  He served on the staff of hospitals in Northern Ireland and Eire, and his practice took him to many hospitals in both countries.  George also found time to be active in local politics and, combining his political and professional talents, he was a founder member of three charitable organizations for cancer research.

Dr Edelstyn appeared to have boundless energy, which he directed most successfully in his efforts to improve the care of cancer patients.

Radiotherapy and oncology was the speciality for George Edelstyn.  There was great debate at that time about the relative merits of radiotherapy, surgery or a combined approach to Cancer treatment and Edelstyn was pioneering in his belief in a combined approach.

He continued to develop his interests in the management of breast cancer and he became increasingly involved in the use of cytotoxic chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced disease.  Dr George Edelstyn was a pathfinder for what was to become the speciality of radiotherapy and oncology.  He embraced the concept of total care of the cancer patient; his selfless commitment to his patients and their cause will always be an example for others to follow.

Edelstyn established Action Cancer in 1973.  The charity initiated cervical and breast screening programmes in Northern Ireland in 1978.  To date, approximately 150,000 women have used these services at Action Cancer House in Belfast.  In general, its early detection clinics and mobile screening units aim to promote cancer avoiding behaviours and a personal commitment to screening, particularly in rural areas and socially deprived communities.  Edelstyn died prematurely in his 50th year in 1979, however, his legacy lives on in the work he pioneered and the organisations he spearheaded.  Action Cancer continue to pursue Edelstyn’s vision of freeing the people of Northern Ireland from the burden of Cancer.

House Colours and Logo

Our House colour is yellow and all Edelstyn pupils wear a tie with a yellow stripe. The house logo is shown below:


George Edelstyn was a man who worked tirelessly to help others.  He saw the situation in terms of cancer and the treatment of patients in Northern Ireland, which resulted in him assisting and wanting to make a difference.  Dr Edelstyn dedicated his life to this work, spearheading pioneering treatments to save people.

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