What do I do if my son/daughter is ill

On the first day that your child is absent through illness phone the school office, when your child returns to school after a period of illness please supply a note providing a reason for the absence, this will be collected by the Form Tutor.

What is Truancy call?

Truancy call is an automated system that attempts to prevent truancy by automatically phoning parents when their child is absent from school. As such it is important that the school is notifed on the first morning a child is absent through illness or for any other reason – this will prevent unwanted telephone calls.

What happens if my son/daughter becomes ill during school?

If your child becomes ill during the school day they will be sent to their form tutor or Head of Year who will assess the situation and then contact parents/guardians if necessary.

What about holidays during term time?

While the school understands that holidays can be expensive during school holiday periods, there is a clear link between attendance and achievement. Therefore we would ask that parents make contact with the school before booking holidays during term time and avoid booking holidays during term time if possible.

What is the school policy on mobile phones?

The school understands that mobile phones can provide an important communication link between parents and children. Pupils are made aware that mobile phones are to be switched off during lessons to avoid any disruption and should not be used during school time. We would ask that parents cooperate with the school so that learning in the classroom continues smoothly. The school cannot cover any costs encountered by pupils through the loss of a phone in school.

What is school fund?

School fund is a contribution to school finances made by parents to cover activities and resources which are not financed by the Department of Education. School fund is used to make up this shortfall and is used for a range of activities which includes the school minibus and resources for extra curricular activities.

I am worried about my son/daughter to whom can I speak?

If you have a specific concern about your child you can contact;

  • Your son/daughter’s Form Tutor
  • Your son/daughter’s Head of Year for a pastoral concern
  • The Head of Department for a subject where you have a concern about your child’s progress