During the month of November, both Mr Hodge and Mr Clarke have been closely monitoring the progress of the Year 8 students within GHS and to say they have been impressed….is an understatement.  They has been wowed by the students enthusiasm, their positive attitude towards learning, their exemplary behaviour and manners and the way in which they conduct themselves around the school building.  In recognition of their outstanding efforts, a positive rewards initiative has been running over the last 4 weeks.  Mr Clarke asked all teaching staff for their support in rewarding our fantastic students.   Each pupil was recognised for a number of reasons such as positive attitude, good behaviour, hard-working approach, contributions to wider school life as well as any pupil who has made a notable improvement.

Mr Hodge and Mr Clarke would like to congratulate the following Year 8 pupils for receiving the highest amount of positive recognition points and hope to see this first class behaviour continue in the New Year.  Each pupil was presented with a voucher entitling them to a Movie and a munch at Movie House cinemas.

  • Rebekah Mann, ESB
  • Reece Gilmore, CJC
  • Kyle Smith, DCS
  • Beth Galbraith, DJW
  • Jamie Wang, CLG
  • Kathryn McLaughlin, VES
  • Alec Foster, DNM
  • Mackenzie Clark, ADJ
  • Jay Crosbie, AAG
  • Aimee Leigh Dobson, ESB
  • Jake Flanagan, VLM
  • Molly McCrum, EJO
  • Jake Moreland, CRH
  • Adam Nelis, ADJ
  • Aimee Wisdom, CMN
  • Molly Gilmore, VLF 

Well done Year 8 students, what a great start to Year 8!