Welcome to our English Department. English is one of the core subjects and without doubt, one of the flagship subjects within Integrated College Glengormley. As a team we aim to:

  • encourage the development of all pupils in reading, writing, speaking and listening;
  • enable pupils to be able to work independently and as part of a team;
  • empower pupils to develop a range of desirable personal qualities such as perseverance, initiative and independence;
  • our favourite aim: to build confidence in pupils, encourage success and develop each pupil’s potential in order to prepare them for adult life.

All of the teachers within the department have a passion that inspires our young students to want to achieve the best possible outcome for themselves. We will work with every student to overcome a difficulty and to provide the support to enhance the strengths of our young people. Together we revise, adapt and rejuvenate our planning and unit topics to keep the engagement flowing; to differentiate a level of challenge to ensure progress is made at all levels and to build a confidence in each individual so they ‘aspire to succeed’ and have the best opportunities available to them when beginning the next chapter in their lives.

For more information on the subject or any general equiries please click the button to contact the Head of Department, Mrs Fox.