Studying history is important because it allows us to understand our past, which in turn allows us to understand our present.  History helps us learn about world events and the study of past can help us become good citizens.  History helps us understand continuity (what has stayed the same) and change which enables us to judge wisely.  Throughout the different topics covered we begin to understand the world around us.  History tells us who we are.  

Key Stage 3 

All pupils will study History in Year 8-10.  History helps to develop skills such as teamwork, creative thinking, independent research, problem solving and decision making.  Pupils cover a range of topics across three main themes; Medieval History, Conflict and Religion and 20th Century Studies.

Key Stage 4

At Glengormley High School we teach the CCEA specification of GCSE History.  Students cover three modules and complete two examinations.

Key Stage 5

We follow the CCEA specification at A-Level covering the topics; Germany 1919-1945, Russia 1914-1941, Ireland under the Union and Partition of Ireland 1900-1925.

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