The reason to learn Music is to make Music. Music touches a part of our psyche that helps us regulate our lives.  Music helps us understand and express our moods and attitudes, reorganize our thoughts and feelings and allows us to respond appropriately in social structure that is often confusing and complex. Music is also one of the largest industries in the world offering a variety of job opportunities.

Our aim is to enrich the experience of every ICG student; providing music education to foster and develop our young people in the arts, “bring the gifts out and make them viable”.

Music is taught throughout the school and encourages students to develop their musical potential by focusing on the three fundamental activities of performing, composing and listening.

At KS3 we encourage our young people to engage in Music making with an air of mutual respect.  Students have the opportunity to explore and combine the core elements of Music with diverse local and global cultures and traditions.   The course for KS4 prepares pupils for GCSE Music.  All pupils who can sing or play any instrument are eligible to do this course and it is suitable for everybody who enjoys music.

Our young people are also encouraged participate in the musical activities outside the classroom environment, including singing groups and instrumental ensembles.  In addition, we offer instrumental lessons in Voice, Guitar, Piano, Drum Kit and Woodwind which are facilitated by visiting specialist tutors.

For more information on the subject or any general equiries please click the button to contact the Head of Department, Mrs Mercer.